Exit North, nuova band con Steve Jansen

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Exit North, nuova band con Steve Jansen

Messaggioda alex2222 » 24 marzo 2016, 20:01

EXIT NORTH is a project/band in progress that consists of four members; Steve Jansen, Thomas Feiner, Ulf Jansson and Charlie Storm. They have been working on new material and aim to have a release available for this Autumn. A Swedish article has popped up in the media so the secret is discreetly out!

Steve Jansen from the legendary pop band Japan make music with people in Gothenburg and Hisingen is on a corner! The new band called Exit North, and consists besides mentioned the ex-pop star Steve Jansen of Hisings boy Charlie Storm and musicians Thomas Feiner and Ulf Jansson.
It may have been buzzing rumors for a while, but because the people involved do not directly suffer from anything excessively medially confirmation needs so it has been a radio shadow. Until now.
Hisingenftw now, the first and only Swedish news service, had the honor to release the news:
The former drummer of one of pop history's definitely the most iconic bands, Japan, Steve Jansen, together with three profiled Gothenburg Musicians: Charlie Storm, Thomas Feiner and Ulf Jansson, formed the band EXIT NORTH.
Japan, according to many, passed into history as the unique style icons, hyperlinks aesthetes who also created the exquisite pop music with artistic qualities that hold more than today. The band is also known to all the members basically overnight abandoned all existence as pop stars to start afresh with a different kind of music.

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