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JBK "Breakable Moons" EP sul sito Bandcamp

Inviato: 16 febbraio 2016, 22:33
da alex2222
New on Bandcamp
Recording outtakes during the making of _ism. Rough mixes, alternative versions and a previously unheard track.
'Breakable Moons'.

Mick Karn - Bass Guitar
Steve Jansen - Drums, Percussion
Richard Barbieri - Keyboards
Clive Bell -Flutes
Masami Tsuchiya - Guitar ... uttakes-ep

Re: JBK "Breakable Moons" EP sul sito Bandcamp

Inviato: 28 febbraio 2016, 7:35
da alex2222
In attesa che l'EP venga pubblicato su vinile 10", Jansen e Barbieri stanno smaltendo le rimanenze dei CD pubblicati dalla Medium. Un paio di titoli sono già esauriti, ma con le versioni download di "Playing in a room with people" e del sampler viene offerto il video integrale del concerto all'Astoria del 1997.

On the JBK Bandcamp page we are offering limited singed copies of ‘Seed’, ‘Playing In A Room With People’ and the ‘Medium Label Sampler’ (due to ownership rights the titles on the Medium label sampler not owned by the Medium label are not available as downloads) all limited in number and signed by Jansen & Barbieri.

In addition, as a bonus item we are also offering a free download of JBK filmed Live at the Astoria 2 in 1997. The picture and sound quality of the video is poor however as it’s free we feel it can be enjoyed as a look back to the event, and has not been edited or tampered with in any way.

Due to file size limits at Bandcamp the video has been split into two parts. Part 1 is available free with any ‘Playing In A Room With People’ purchase, and Part 2 is available free with any ‘Medium Label Sampler’ purchase which also contains the only live recording of JBK performing ‘Life Without Buildings’.

2 Medium/JBK postcards are also included as free downloads with all three titles, and a limited number of remaining stock will be inserted into the physical CD, one card per purchase.

Re: JBK "Breakable Moons" EP sul sito Bandcamp

Inviato: 21 giugno 2016, 20:40
da alex2222